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Can I take my herbs with my medicine?
If you are currently taking medicine for any condition, please consult with your doctor before embarking on any herb program. If your doctor gives you the okay to take herbs, you generally want to tak
Can I take my herbs with other herbs?
Generally speaking, yes. Tonic herbs are all super-food herbs and can be taken together. Think of them as you would when combining vegetables for juice or a soup. Of course, it is important to make su
Do I need to take a break in the cycle when I take herbs?
This all depends on what herbs or formulas you are taking. The tonic herbs can be taken on a daily basis for an extended period of time and will not give you any negative side effects when taken in su
Do I need to take these herbs forever or for a limited period of time?
Tonic herbs are a super-food class of herbs that can be taken on a daily basis for the rest of your life for cultivating health and longevity. Just like you eat food every daily to nourish your day-to
Do I take my herbs with food or on an empty stomach?
Great question! Typically, tonic herbs are best taken away from food as they themselves are super-foods and don't need food to help them be absorbed as is the case with vitamins. A great time to take
Does anyone ever have an allergic reaction to the herbs?
In our experience, helping literally tens of thousands of clients over our careers, we have only had a handful of allergic reactions to the herbs. It is very rare. Typically, the worst side effect wou
Does Jing Herbs ever discount their products?
As a practice we do not discount our products. We sell the best possible products we can get our hands on in addition to providing you with the best service and expertise we can. We price our products
How do I add herbs to a beverage or smoothie?
If you have powders, just scoop and mix or stir them into your beverage of choice. For capsules, just separate the capsules and pour the herb into your beverage of choice and mix well. For liquid extr
How do I take the powder?
This is a very common question. Powders can be taken directly in the mouth, added to tea, mixed into smoothies or shakes, or added to room temperature water and mixed well. There is no perfect way to
How long should I take my herbs before I notice a difference?
We generally recommend taking your herbal program for 100 days to give them a chance to make a great difference in you health. That being said, the herbs will start to work as soon as you take your fi
How much is too much to take of an herb?
Typically, three of four capsules of an herb or a formula is a recommended dosage. And most people can take up to three or four formulas at a time, depending on their daily needs. Everyone is differen
How should I store my herbs?
Herbs are best stored in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate. Herbs are very hygroscopic, meaning they love to absorb moisture. So, make sure your bottles or packets are sealed tightly once opened.
What is Jing Herbs return policy?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 90 days to return it for a full refund if it is accompanied by the original receipt. After 90 days, we will gladly extend to you a store credit fo
What is Jing Herbs' commitment to health and fitness?
While we are committed to sharing the transformational power of tonic herbs, we also know that long term health and fitness requires more than just taking herbs and vitamins. Exercise is as fundamenta
What is Jing Herbs' mission statement?
Jing Herbs is committed to being the world's most respected authority in the art and science of Chinese herbs. By providing education and the highest quality, most potent herbs we can source and formu
What is the health and longevity philosophy of Jing Herbs?
According to Taoist tradition, there are three fundamental energies that are housed in all living beings; Jing, Qi, and Shen. These are the energies that constitute our very existence and they are con
What quality control measures does Jing Herbs take to insure the purity and safety of the herbs?
Jing Herbs only has partnerships with raw materials suppliers and manufacturers that conform to the highest standards in the industry for safety, purity, and quality. Our primary provider for Chinese
Where does Jing Herbs manufacture its products?
Once our herbs have been verified to conform to our quality standards, they are imported to the United States and further processed into their final form in California.
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