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Dr. George, which immune formula is best suited for me?

Great question. Immune formulas can boost immune function in two ways:
  1. increasing adaptogenic and qi energy
  2. stimulating the production of the immune cells in the body.

The Great Guardian formula contains adaptogenic herbs which will which will boost adaptability, increase day-to-day energy, and boost immune function.

  • This formula is best suited for those that need a quick boost of immune supporting energy.

The STR-12 contains twelve medicinal mushrooms. Each of those mushrooms stimulate immune cells in the body in a slightly different way so that the combined efforts of the herbs create a broad spectrum immune support.

  • This formula is great for someone who has been sick for an extended period of time and needs deep immune replenishment.
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Jing Herbs Great Guardian for proactive immune support! Jing Herbs organic Lion's Mane for mental acuity, longevity, digestion, and antioxidants.
Great Guardian
Price: $31.95
Lion's Mane extract powder 250 grams
List Price: $21.95
Price: $87.95
Fortify your immune system! Cognitive and Immune Support!
Jing Herbs organic Lion's Mane for mental acuity, longevity, digestion, and antioxidants. Jing Herbs STR-12 powder for immune boosting power.
Lion's Mane extract powder 50 grams
List Price: $21.95
Price: $21.95
Cognitive and Immune Support! Broad spectrum immune support!
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