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Jing Herbs He shou wu is a powerful jing restorative herb for longevity.
He Shou Wu extract powder
50 grams
Price: $19.95

Legendary longevity tonic!
Jing Herbs Astragalus for energy, immune support, and longevity!
Astragalus extract powder
50 grams
Price: $19.95

Instant energy
Immune powerhouse
Jing Herbs Salvia extract powder for blood circulation and cardio support!
Salvia extract powder
50 grams
Price: $19.95

Blood moving superstar!
Jing Herbs Organic Cordyceps powder is an immune and energy powerhouse.
Cordyceps powder
50 grams
Price: $21.95

Energy and immune support!
Jing Herbs Organic Chaga extract powder for longevity and immune function.
Chaga extract powder
50 grams
Price: $21.95

Super immune boosting mushroom!
Jing Herbs Eleuthero extract powder for energy, endurance, and vitality.
Eleuthero extract powder
50 grams
Price: $21.95

Energy, longevity, and adaptogenic activity.
Jing Herbs Lycium extract for energy, longevity, and happiness!
Lycium extract powder
50 grams
Price: $21.95

Longevity superfood extract!
Jing Herbs organic Lion's Mane for mental acuity, longevity, digestion, and antioxidants.
Lion's Mane extract powder 50 grams
List Price: $21.95
Price: $21.95

Cognitive and Immune Support!
Jing Herb Bupleurum and Dragon Bone for getting rid of stress!
Bupleurum & Dragon Bone
extract powder 50 grams
Price: $22.95

Time to chill out!
Jing Herbs Activate the Qi extract powder for day to day energy and increased digestive function!
Activate the Qi extract
powder 50 grams
Price: $23.95

Boost your day to day energy!
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