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PMS Kit 2
PMS Kit 2

Alternative Views:

  • Normalize Menstrual Cycle
  • Control/Eases Pain
  • Reduce Cramping and Bloating
  • Stabilize Mood
  • Regulate Hormones

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PMS is an imbalance of hormones, energy, and blood.You can safely and effectively take control of you cycle with a PMS Kit from Jing Herbs.

Just TWO products, taken together, will balance your hormones, reduce PMS symptoms, increase your energy, and bring balance back to your life.

If you experience disharmony with your monthly cycle, we have the herbs that help you get back into balance.

Since all women are not the same, we have two kits and picking the appropriate one is important.

So, do you need the Jing Herbs PMS Kit 1 or PMS Kit 2?

If you experience the following symptoms with your cycle, you would need the PMS Kit 2:

  • excessive bleeding
  • feelings of internal heat
  • feverish sensations
  • night sweats
  • or are in peri-menopause

If you do not experience those internal heat symptoms, then PMS Kit 1 is right for you.

PMS and Hormones:
Healthy menstruation depends on the healthy functioning of the Liver. The imbalance of hormones causing PMS symptoms occurs when the Liver is not functioning optimally in its capacity of metabolizing hormones.

When this situation occurs, hormones that should have been cleared by the Liver begin to build up, causing physiological and psychological imbalances. In order to then alleviate these symptoms, the function of the Liver needs to be normalized.

PMS and Energy:
In order to feel at ease and comfortable in our own skin, we must have a free flow of energy throughout the body. Energy and blood are partners in this process, and it is the Liver that is in charge of the storage of blood and the free flow of energy in the body.

Very often, prior to and during the cycle, there is a stagnation of blood and energy in the body. This can lead to sensations of tension, mood swings, and pain.

PMS and Blood: The menstrual cycle is a very good indicator of the condition of the blood in the body. The liver will determine the patent storage and release of blood during the cycle.

If there is heavy bleeding or the period arrives early, this can indicate excess blood or heat in the blood. If the flow is light or arrives late, this can indicate blood deficiency or cold in the blood.

It is also very important to build blood after the bleeding has stopped. Anemia occurs when the body has not adequately built up enough blood after menstruation.

Herbal Solutions for PMS:
Two classic Chinese herbal formulas address all three major issues surrounding PMS: Bupleurum & Tang Kuei and Ginseng & Longan.

Bupleurum & Peony is a classic formula that helps the liver maintain proper functioning, thus alleviating many PMS symptoms. It also helps to clear internal heat at the blood level.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this classic formula:

  • relieves qi stagnation
  • tonifies the spleen
  • harmonizes the stomach
  • soothes the liver.

Ginseng & Longan is a formula that provides energy during the day and helps you fall asleep at night. It strengthens digestion, supports the building of blood, and has a calming effect on the emotions.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this classic formula:

  • tonifies the qi
  • strengthens the spleen
  • supplements the blood
  • nourishes the heart
  • pacifies the spirit.
Bupleurum & Peony
90 Capsules 450 mg/Capsule
Dosage: 3 capsules two times per day. You can take up to 4 or 5 capsules as needed to facilitate energy flow if you are experiencing cramping during your period.
Extract ratio: 10:1

Ginseng & Longan
90 Capsules 450 mg/Capsule
Dosage: 3 or 4 capsules two times per day, morning and afternoon.
Extract ratio: 10:1

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