Getting Started Longevity Kit

  • Vitalize Energy
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Adaptability
Kit Includes
  • 1 Bottle Foundation Formula
  • 1 Bottle Bupleurum & Dragon Bone
  • 1 Bottle Great Adpaptor
Let’s face it. We know what needs to be done to be healthy and happy. Exercise. Eat right. Meditate more often. Take long walks in nature. Relax more often. But the truth is that life gets in the way of doing all those things we would like to do on a regular basis.

The solution? Take herbs. Herbs are a simple and proven method to promote health, longevity and happiness, and you can take them in only a couple minutes a day. The trick now becomes figuring out which herbs are best suited for your individual needs. Good news! Jing Herbs has taken the guessing out of that as well. Here is the secret to getting everything out of life you want with Chinese tonic herbs.

You need 3 elements – Vitalized Energy, Reduced Stress, and Increased Adaptability. Our Getting Started Longevity Kit provides all three benefits. Here’s why this combination works so well.

Vitalize your energy.

You’re probably already familiar with the word “Qi,” that loosely translates as “Energy.” Qi is also known as the second Treasure in the “Three Treasures” of Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy. The first Treasure is known as “Jing” or “Essence,” and the third Treasure is known as “Shen” or “Spirit.” Together, these Three Treasures form the foundation of health and longevity. Jing is a deep source of energy is meant to last us a lifetime and forms our basic constitution. Qi is the day-to-day energy we derive from the foods we eat and the air we breathe. Shen is our spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being; it is our connection to our higher selves, and that which makes us fully realized human beings. To be truly successful, you must have all Three Treasures protected, nourished, and balanced.

The Solution: Foundation Formula. This multi-herbal formula protects, nourishes, and balances the three fundamental energies in the body; Jing, Qi, and Shen, paying specific attention to the important Yin/Yang balance in the body. If you could only take one herbal remedy for the rest of your life to cultivate longevity and well-being, this would be it. Lycium and Morinda provide Yin and Yang support for the Kidney/Adrenal complex (Jing). Astragalus and Ginseng increase your day to day energy (Qi). Reishi and Polygala calm and nurture the spirit (Shen).

Reduce your Stress

When the stress alarm has been sounded in the body, there is a cascade of reactions that affects every organ system in the body; your breath quickens and becomes more shallow, your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises, the digestive system slows down, and the brain processes are compromised leading to foggy thinking and unsound decisions. In the extreme, you become overwhelmed and unable to properly accomplish your day’s goals. When this condition persists day after day, week after week, the adrenal glands become exhausted and overall health is compromised. The good news is that there are herbal formulas for specifically addressing stress and reducing its impact on your health and well being.

The Solution: Bupleurum & Dragon Bone. Say goodbye to frustration, anxiety, and body tension. Don’t let stress get the best of you! Take three to four capsules of Bupleurum & Dragon Bone and experience those feeling melt away. Most of our clients report feeling relief after taking just one dose. You can expect to feel more calm... more grounded… more peaceful. This formula works by releasing constrained Liver energy and allowing it to freely flow once again. This formula can also be helpful for those who have difficulty falling asleep or are trying to quit addictive behaviors. This formula does not have a sedative effect on the central nervous system, but rather works in harmony with your body to bring you back into balance. Adding herbal stress relief to your life has never been gentler, easier, or more effective.

Increase your Adaptability

If you are adaptable, you are more likely to embrace changes that will give you an edge in your professional life as well as your personal life. A Peak Performing Professional is someone that navigates change with confidence and calm and comes out on top every time. Herbs can help! Adaptogenic herbs help to keep the body’s endocrine system from being overloaded with the fight or flight hormone response that results from dealing with life’s challenges. While we want our minds and bodies to perform during working hours, we need them to shut down at night to rest and restore. Adaptogens help the body to do just that.

The Solution: Great Adaptor. This formula contains seven adaptogenic herbs, including superstars Rhodiola, Eleuthero, Reishi, and Gynostemma, which help reset the body’s endocrine system and bring your body and stress hormones back into balance. The only true state of health is perfect adaptability and capacity to manage the unrelenting physical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors that we have to endure. This kind of stress requires assistance that only this class of herbs can provide. The ancient sages and herbalist long ago discovered the power of herbs for maintaining homeostasis, and science is now backing that up. Assure your success in the face of life’s challenges with the Great Adaptor.

  • Foundation Formula: 3 or 4 capsules two times per day, best taken morning and afternoon.
  • Bupleurum & Dragon Bone: 3 or 4 capsules up to three times per day as needed.
  • Great Adaptor: 3 or 4 capsules two times per day, best taken morning and afternoon.
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