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Anti-Stress Kit
Anti-Stress Kit

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  • Relieve tension and anxiety
  • Replenish depleted adrenal energy
  • Increase adaptogenic energy
  • Regulate fight or flight response
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This Anti-stress kit is designed to reduce the feelings of stress and physical tension in addition to replenishing and increasing your day to day energy. It includes three formulas that address the three main aspects of stress.

Stress and physical anxiety: When you feel stressed, your body tightens. Many people experience tightness in the shoulders, neck, and head area. Some get headaches, while others experience digestive difficulty. From a Chinese TCM viewpoint, stress compromises Liver function, which is responsible for the free flow of energy in the body. In order to release that physical tension, the Liver must be released. There is no better formula for doing that than Bupleurum & Dragon Bone. When taking this classic formula, you can expect relief within the hour. Three to four capsules and stress melts away like an ice cream cone on a hot summer sidewalk.

Stress and hormones: The fight or flight central nervous system response is not meant to be our everyday operating system. Unfortunately for many it is. Chronic stress leads to the sympathetic fight or flight response to stay on even when it is not needed. In order to recalibrate, your body needs help. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and exercise all assist with that. So does the Great Adaptor. This formula contains seven adaptogenic herbs that reset the body’s endocrine system to bring your body and stress hormones back into balance.

Stress and Adrenal energy: Prolonged stress leads to burn out, fatigue, and eventually exhaustion. That is because your body has been forced to use all its reserve energy to cope with life. From a Chinese TCM perspective, this reserve energy is called Jing. It is your life force energy. Once it is depleted, you are playing catch up energetically from the moment you wake up. Shou Wu 88 is a formula that helps to restore that Jing energy and keep your gas tank full, so to speak. These three formulas, taken together, deal with not only the day to day acute feelings of stress, but go to the root of addressing the long term disastrous health consequences of chronic stress.

Bupleurum & Dragon Bone
Extract ratio: 10:1
90 Capsules 450 mg/Capsule
Dosage: 2-4 caps as needed up to three times per day depending on the level of stress you are experiencing. Some people find this formula very effective for helping to fall asleep when you are unable to turn off your mind at night. Your body will find the correct dosage if you listen to it.

Great Adaptor
Extract ratio: 10:1
90 Capsules 450 mg/Capsule
Dosage: 3 caps two times per day, morning and afternoon.

Shou Wu 88
Extract ratio: 10:1
90 Capsules 450 mg/Capsule
Dosage: 3 caps two times per day, morning and afternoon or night.

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